Future Applications

UV light supports our well being - food security, medicines, water cleanliness and health.

Light is a powerful natural biological tool that can safely manipulate organisms without chemical treatment or genetic modification. Scientists have realised the huge importance of UV lighting (radiation) in horticulture and other applications.

New Food Sources: We undertake research with international scientific and commercial partners using plasma grow-lights for various new food production systems eg algae and insects as high protein food stocks for animals and human consumption!.

Plasma Lights for Artificial Coral Growth: Natural and hybrid corals are increasingly used for bone grafts in surgery and dentistry. Environmental controls preventing the harvesting of natural coral have resulted in the rise of corals grown in controlled aquatic systems. The UV420 can deliver the blue-light, UV-A and UV-B that has been found to help promote coral growth in these aquaria.

Plasma Grow-Lights for Stadium Turf Maintenance: Ceravision's UV420 plasma grow-light is suitable for turf lighting where it can provide the missing spectrum to complement traditional turf grow-lighting systems. The blue-light, UV-A and UV-B from the UV420 can encourage root growth and photosynthesis and can assist grass recovery and growth after stadium events.

UV-B Lights for Human Well-being: The sun is our best source of vitamin D; solar UV-B interacts with a protein in our skin to convert it into vitamin D3 - the active form of vitamin D. Vitamin D has many health benefits but around the world many people suffer from its deficiency either from poor diets, as few foods contain sufficient vitamin D, or due to their latitude or altitude they are not exposed to sufficient UV-B. Whilst too much UV-B is harmful, timely exposure to artificial UV-B lighting may be good for us.

UV Lights for Reptile Houses - Vivarium Lighting: The UV420 can provide the UV-A and UV-B for reptiles in indoor habitats. UV-B is necessary to maintain proper Vitamin D3 and calcium levels in a reptile's system. Reptiles that do not get enough UV-B do not produce sufficient Vitamin D3 resulting in chronic calcium deficiency, or hypocalcemia and causing painful diseases, such as metabolic bone disease. 

Ultra-violet Sterilisation using Germicidal UV-C lamps:

  1. Surface Sterilisation: Germicidal UVC lamps offer surface sterilisation without the need for hazardous, environmentally harmful and costly chemicals, and critical in many industries. UV_C can kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi in seconds
  2. UV-C for germicidal irradiation in Water Sterilisation: a purely physical, chemical-free process; to efficiently reduce parasites eg cryptosporidia or giardia, which are resistant to chemical disinfectants, and remove chlorine and chloramine species.
  3. UV-C for Air Purification to reduce airborne-mediated microbial diseases eg influenza and tuberculosis that are major public health challenges.

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Future Applications

Delivering flexible spectral outputs, plasma lighting offers practical economic solutions in horticulture and other applications requiring natural solar levels of UV-A and UV-B, or UV-C for sterilisation.

Plasma Light Technology

Ceravision’s plasma grow-lights, with a spectrum providing UV-B, UV-A and blue herald a new scientific future in horticulture lighting and UV-B is beneficial for humans producing the vitamin D essential for health.

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